Rachelle Olsen

With over fourteen years of styling experience, Rachelle is proud to open Gold Comb Salon. She strives to bring modern, yet approachable design to men’s and women’s cuts and colors. Rachelle takes great pride in her ability to stay on top of the latest trends and consistently attends classes to ensure she brings the best and latest to her clients. She is passionate about fashion and sees hair as an accessory that makes personal statement. She works closely with each client to find a style that is not only fashion-forward, but works with their lifestyle, personality and hair type. She specializes in creating rich, luminous color, consulting with each client to create a unique color profile that enhances their cut and style.



Lucy the pint sized blonde vixen, has been enthusiastically managing gold comb salon since its inception. Not only does she take on the duties of receptionist, cuddle buddy, and cut consultant (color escapes her) she also mans security. 

With hair covering her entire body she has become an expert on best style practices. Although she was born into her role, her passion for clients and her hardworking attitude make her one of the most popular members of the gold comb family. She is described with love as the glue that holds the entire production together  

Lucy wants to make sure you have the best experience ever at gold comb please reach out to lucy@goldcomb.com. Please be patient with response times, typing is not her forte. However she loves to Paw-Ty!